Satin Comforter • 2 Pack • Forest Friends

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Our best-selling muslin Satin Comforters have helped soothe babies and toddlers into a blissful night's sleep as well as comforted during nap / quiet times so Mummy & Daddy can have a moment of peace and even a full night's sleep. Made from our Award-Winning, marshmallowy-soft bamboo muslin.


  • small sized at 40 cm x 40 cm for little hands
  • breathable muslin for peace of mind
  • silky satin edge designed to add a dose of sensory development
  • two pack so your little one is never without

Material: 70% viscose from bamboo 30% cotton

Care: wash with like colours on a 30° cycle

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* Professional Safety Guidelines suggest supervision of loose items in a cot with a baby under 12 months of age. 

Customer Reviews

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Satin comforter

This is an excellent product, purchased a pack for my granddaughter months ago, she loves her “Silkie” . Well made, wash well, washed everyday. Since purchasing original pack of two, I have purchased 2 more packs one to be kept at nanny’s house. Good think about this product is that my granddaughter won’t get dependent on one “special” item, she has numerous silkies and is happy as long as she has one. Will be stocking up again soon so we always have a clean silkie for her to cuddle and suck.


Third set of comforters bullabaloo as my boy simply cannot be without them. The best!

Never stop selling these please!!!

My daughter Imogen is 9 months old and has used the comforter muzzy since she was first born, she was 2 months premature Born at 30 weeks gestation and the scbu advised we used them to go in to her icu cot after I had slept with them
To get my smell On them so she could recognise me. she now can’t sleep without one she plays peek a boo with them and has one in her hand 24/7 she is never without we have 4 or the hot air balloon ones and two on the forest friends. They are so soft and beautifully made one happy mummy and one happy little Imogen. Thank you as they were a real life saver literally.

Softest comforter

Perfect bamboo comforters, so soft and lovely designs too, with silky, satin ribbon edging which gives a nice sensory detail.

Game changer

My 3mo was starting to fight naps...that's a thing of the past. Dummy and his blankie as we call it now and fast asleep within minutes. Only give in the day when I can monitor him putting over his face. When he is abit older will give him at night. Its really helping distinguish day and night. Blankie in day and naps on play mat or moses basket and night time he has ewan dream sheep in his next to me crib. No issues settling at any time now. Thankyou will be buying more. Just wish there was more boy prints.