Satin Comforter 2 Pack - Zebra Print

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Our best-selling Satin Comforter 2 Pack - Zebra Print have helped soothe babies and toddlers into a blissful night's sleep as well as comforted during nap / quiet times so Mummy & Daddy can have a moment of peace and even a full night's sleep. Made from our Award-Winning, marshmallowy-soft bamboo muslin.

Benefits of our Satin Comforter 2 Pack - Zebra Print;

  • small sized at 40 cm x 40 cm for little hands
  • breathable muslin for peace of mind
  • silky satin edge designed to add a dose of sensory development
  • two pack so your little one is never without

Material: 70% viscose from bamboo 30% cotton

Care: wash with like colours on a 30° cycle

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* Professional Safety Guidelines suggest supervision of loose items in a cot with a baby under 12 months of age. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Love love love these comforters!

My two children are obsessed with these satin edged comforters. As soon as they’re a bit tired and emotional they want one, and drag them with them! The other day the baby threw hers out of her pram and we had tears until I managed to find it, dust it off (ahem!) and give it back to her. We have lots (our first kit we’re bought in 2018!) so there’s no risk of being without if they need washing etc. I love the new patterns, and the kids have been fighting over them!!!

The perfect little comforter.

I ordered these for my son and they feel so lovely. They were delivered quickly. Will definitely be buying more!

Well worth it

My granddaughter has been using an old ratty blanket for a long time so we were worried she wouldn't find her new snuggly the same. Luckily she did and she absolutely adores these gorgeous mussies with the silk edges on. The quality beats any other brand of mussies we have tried over the year (and there are a lot!). Lovely company and lovely products.


Never heard of these before but now I have, I will be recommending to all of my mum friends. My little boy who is 19 months loves to hold one wherever he goes. The car journeys have alwasy been tough for us but since purchasing these, he seems to find comfort in them making our journeys that much easier. Love them.

Helped us a lot

I was wanting one of these for a while and after a really bad nights sleep one night, my husband and I decided to try it. We were desperate! Love the fact it came as a pair and the packaging is really luxe. We washed them first and then left one in our baby's cot which they instantly grabbed to our amazement! Watching on the monitor, we noticed that our baby, who is 13 months started talking to it whilst rubbing on her face lol. So far so good and i would absolutely suggest this to any parent!