3 Pack Muslin Squares • Pink Sheep
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3 Pack Muslin Squares • Pink Sheep


Muslin Squares are every Mother's secret weapon and we make some of the softest and cutest...

Simplify daily parenting duties with our popular and practical 3 pack muslins which can be used for multiple things such as;
√ wiping away spit, dribbled milk, spilt food, snotty noses
√ clothing protection when burping baby
√ a make-shift bib
√ nursing privacy when out and about
√ a comforter for nap times, car journeys or pram walks
√ changing mat protection to keep baby's botty warm
√ sun shade
√ lightweight blanket
Conveniently sized at 60x60cm making them fit into any changing bag or hand bag for when on-the-go, this size is also fabulous for around-the-house. You can even leave a stash full at Nannies.  
All exclusively designed here in England, our multi-use, every day Muslins Squares are made with one of the softest and most durable fabrics on Earth...Bamboo. This high-performance fabric is made up of 70% bamboo rayon and 30% cotton making it one of the softest combination blends found ever, a total dream for your babies skin and, they can withstand multiple washes.
*Never allow baby to overheat. Place on their back to ensure they do not roll. If using as a sun shade, please ensure a large enough gap is created to allow air to flow to your baby and check the temperature of your baby regularly so that they do not overheat. No items should be left unattended with a baby in a cot or moses basket under the age of 12 months