Satin Comforter 2 Pack - Blue Leopard Print


Our best-selling Satin Comforter's have helped soothe babies and toddlers into a blissful night's sleep as well as comforted during nap / quiet time's so Mummy & Daddy can have a moment of peace and even a fill night's sleep. Made from our Award-Winning, marshmallowy-soft bamboo muslin.

Benefits of our Satin Comforters;

  • small sized at 40 cm x 40 cm for little hands
  • breathable muslin for peace of mind
  • silky satin edge designed to add a dose of sensory development
  • two pack so your little one is never without

Material: 70% viscose from bamboo 30% cotton

Care: wash with like colours on a 30° cycle

Gifting for someone special? Why not add one of our Gifting Cards to your order along with your personal note which we will handwrite for you. We won't include the invoice.

* Professional Safety Guidelines suggest supervision of loose items in a cot with a baby under 12 months of age. 

Customer Reviews

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The second these were available to order i just jumped at the chance! Had the original leopard print but didn't realise it was a bit pinky in colour so the blue version works better for my boy. The satin is his favourite part. Arrived really well packaged and very fast. Love the fact you always have free delivery and hope that doesn't change!