4 Layer Muslin Blanket - Hot Air Balloon


Our multi-use blanket is made using a whopping four layers of our unique marshmallowy-soft, breathable muslin fabric which magically regulates your baby's temperature by keeping them cool in the Winter and cool in the Summer. See...magic!

Designed using Colour Therapy in mind, our Hot Air Balloon multi-use blankets provide mood enhancing techniques for baby as well as Mummy in mind. Bright, bold and cleverly created so each contrasting colour helps to stimulate your baby's visual development whilst providing a dose of brightness to enhance mood; 'cos who wants to sit and stare at dark, dull and muted tones anyway!

Reasons why our blankets are so magical and unique;

  • breathable
  • anti-bacterial
  • hypoallergenic
  • sustainably made
  • four times more absorbing than cotton
  • silky soft feel for your baby's skin
  • washes like a dream
  • made from 70% bamboo rayon 30% cotton

Conveniently sized at 60x120cm, simply fold in half for newborns when in a pram or car seat and open out at maximum size for older babies. Gorgeously weighted which gives your baby that extra feel of comfort, our multi-use blankets are unbelievably soft and can fold into a compact size for when you are out and about.

Arrives in our beautifully-cool and cute boxes making them a wonderful baby gift.


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