Satin Comforter 2 Pack - Cloud - Baby Blue Satin

Colour Satin: Baby Blue

Our best-selling Satin Comforters have helped soothe babies and toddlers into a blissful nights sleep as well as comforted during day times. It’s not called a ‘little piece of magic’ by thousands of rested parents for no reason 😊


  • helps to build positive bed & sleep associations
  • self settling made easier
  • providing a sense of security & comfort during situations outside of normal surroundings  such as starting nursery

Our Satin Comforters can be introduced at any stage but it is important to familiarise yourself with SID and safe sleeping guidelines.


  • includes x2 Satin Comforters
  • made from 70% viscose of bamboo, 30% cotton
  • silky-satin trim allows for extra sensory development
  • arrives in our stylish, crisp white box packaging

Gifting for someone special? Why not add one of our Gifting Cards to your order along with your personal note which we will handwrite for you. We won't include the invoice.

* Professional Safety Guidelines suggest supervision of loose items in a cot with a baby under 12 months of age. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Game changer!

Love these products, quality is perfect! So reassuring keeping them in the cot with my little one as they’re breathable! He uses them to self settle..before purchasing he was up 6 times a night wanting rocked! Now he sleeps 7-6.30!!

Ronda lee
Comfort blanket

My baby boy loves his comfort blanket

A MUST!!!!

Oh my gosh where did these beauties come from?! Not only do they actually work in keeping my baby asleep (he likes to rub the satin against his face) but these are BY FAR the BEST quality out there! You'll wash them tons so need them to be really durable which they are! Bought some from an online high street retailer and they don't even compare! Really pleased with these!

Stacey Gunners
Best sleep ever!

Bought for my baby and they really work! Read the comments on facebook that these were a god send and they are totally worth it. Have made sure we stocked up so we don't lose any!